Using Promotional Apparel to Boost Brand Awareness

When running a business there are many different tools you can use to boost brand awareness. One of the more subtle yet effective ways of doing this is by incorporating customized apparel that promotes your organization. Whether you are using sport tek shirts or other forms of apparel there is no denying the impact having customized clothing/uniforms has on your brand.

Benefits of Using Sport Tek Shirts and Other Brand Apparel

·    Creates an impression of professionalism. If we look at major successful business, they will all at some point in their history have clothing that has their corporate branding on it. By having employees and customers wear this clothing it gives the impression that the company is well-established and large scale.

·    Passive form of advertising. It takes on average 10~20 “touches” before a customer makes a buying decision. This metric is skewed but a good starting point for most businesses. The more often a consumer seems a company logo and slogan the greater the chances that consumer will buy the product/service being offered by that company.

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The premise behind using brand apparel to “soft sell” your organization is not based on hard science but is somewhat anecdotal. If this type of advertising did not work the majority of companies out there would not be investing substantial sums of money into it. As a business owner you will need to do some research in order to locate the best quality branded apparel at the most competitive price.

Identifying the Best Customized Apparel Vendors

There are a few steps you will need to take when you are trying to identify the best customized apparel vendors for your business.

·    How long has the company been providing customized apparel to businesses? If the vendor has only been around for a few months you have no way of knowing whether the quality of their clothing is top tier.

·    Where does the customized apparel supplier source for their clothing? If they are using suppliers from developing countries you should request a sample just to make sure it is good quality before you commit to making an order. There are some suppliers in developing countries that cut corners with quality and you cannot afford to risk having your brand associated with inferior quality.

·    What is the projected turnaround time after placing an order? The turnaround time can be very important if your organization is launching a new product or service. This apparel can be used as part of the product launch but in order to reach that deadline you need to be confident the supplier is able to keep up their end of the agreement.

After you have worked through these variables and identified the customized apparel suppliers that can meet your need for quality you should get pricing quotes. While comparing the quotes you may be required to make a deposit before any production begins. The deposit amount varies from supplier to supplier but it is fairly common in this industry so do not feel apprehensive if the supplier asks you for it. By following all of the steps we have provided you should be able to boost the brand awareness of your company without breaking your budget in the process.