Cures from the Cabinets

There are a variety of home remedies that are probably hiding in your spice cabinets right now. Not that you should rely on your home spices in place of formal medical care, but you may be surprised at what you do have and what it can do. The first and most obvious spice most people have on hand is fresh garlic.

Garlic is a perfect first example because it is the number one germ killer in the kitchen. Sure, it does give you bad breath, but isn’t that better than a sore throat or a cold? For thousands of years, garlic has been used to ward off all kinds of infections, well before antibiotics were even available. Do a bit of research on it and find out the health benefits of garlic. Notice that many of them have to do with warding off some nasty diseases and even such things as parasites.

Another interesting thing you may have in your spice collection or maybe even growing in your spice garden is oregano. This lovely herb can be used as a health support during infections and can also help your lungs to open up more and dispel mucous. Naturally, if you have a serious problem, you should seek the advice and care of a healthcare professional. This is something you can do in the interim. Simply make a tea from the oregano, simmering for about three minutes or so. Strain it off, cool it down and drink it. You will immediately feel the spice go to work.

Thyme is another important one that we usually have hanging around the cabinets or in the garden. This herb has many uses similar to oregano. It is known to support a healthy reaction to viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. It can be useful for colds and respiratory ailments and also for digestive upset.